Dave the Devil

by Jack and the Bear

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Religious corruption brought to you in classic Halloween song form.


A man they found a lonely one
Who used to wrestle with the law
They called him Dave the devil, lord
How he used to prowl
How he used to prowl

He found himself a dozen loves
Warranted his name on every door
Until they came to end the war
Oh that little one
Get this poor little one

(demon moan sing-a-long)

Now Dave ya devil, come here with thee
I'll set you safe on my committee
For the price of nothing but your pity
And half your mind
Or your whole damn mind

Oh buddy boy, oh handsome fellow
Stray from those sins and join this bellow
Drink a cup with thy and mellow
On a Sunday night
Or every night

(Dave's transformation)

Ought ah, look here that's not how to breathe
In the life of God, in the life of me
Save your body in your wicked angst
And rot them away
Rot them all away

You've done it Dave
Put on your best vest
And don't be late and never stress
For you're now (now) apart (apart) of God's great test
Until we all go down
Until we all go down

Until we all go down
Until we all go on down

Go down, Go down


released October 22, 2013
Featuring "GOD"

Produced by Adam Schreiber
Mastered by John McCurry
Artwork in collaboration with Brandon and Brad Schreiber



all rights reserved


Jack and the Bear Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The greatest thing you'll ever see, probably."


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