Synopsis: A deeper look into the lives of the majority of the people in this industrial city. John mocks the title of the city known as “Frumbello” with the townsfolk backing up (almost appearing self-aware that they're in a musical) relating their place in society to a backing role in a show. The people know their lives aren't the best, but choose to accept what little is given rather than rise up to achieve anything "better." (Playing it safe)


From below, is the show, (oh) the show our leaders lead
From below, from below, we all do our part in turn we play our role

Praising bills, worshiping thrills, the thrills of living in this society
(Oh) below, that's us we know, but below is just our role in their show

Yes we bring, what they dream, pulling the carriage of misguided guarantees
Pull strong the plow, and give a bow, from below we play our role in their show

Town and John:
Send the tax (they)
Forward tolls (they)
Build the laws (they)
Give us gods (they)
Fold our clothes (they)
Bring the wine (they)
Take control (they)
Fillet our hope
But they give us a job and a home

And so below, from below, we know our role, so we play it in their show
We know our role


from By the Book: Folklore by Jack and the Bear, released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Jack and the Bear Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The greatest thing you'll ever see, probably."


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