Things That Are Not The Same

from by Jack and the Bear



John (As Smoke):
To all the little boys, and to all the little girls
Enjoy every little thing, in this very little world
Your mother, and your father
Your grand family friends
Will all disappear from you, like the rose from its stem

So twinkle your little stars
To the moon say goodnight
For the little bears, and bunnies
Wipe from televisions light

(Now) You can turn to your bible(s)
You can turn to all your friends
Until they're all gone like lightning
Like fiction, they'll all bend

Imagination for a text book
Oh and juice cups, for pills
You'll get money for all your liquor
Right after all the bills

But oh, what a life when the coffee's good
My, what a function when your whisked through a world
Full of marvelous intention
Amongst the pawns that all struggle to turn
From the hands of a corrupted system
That since youth were subjected to learn
Arm to arm, the watchmen lay orders
Orders accepted as law
We don't complain because healthy living
Resides in our pensions if we march long enough

So make up
More stories
Stay little, while you can
For the reaper
(He) is coming
When your life will end

(And yes) Your times will get
(Quite) covered in senselessness
You'll lose, all you love, and gain
Things that are not the same


from By the Book: Folklore by Jack and the Bear, released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Jack and the Bear Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The greatest thing you'll ever see, probably."


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